Spa Benefits

For centuries, people have appreciated the magic of Natural Hot springs, as places to relax and heal both body and mind.

British Columbia, Canada has some of the most beautiful natural hot springs anywhere in the world and we celebrate this natural phenomena and healing tradition. These natural hot springs are the inspiration for the residential line of H2O Spas built here in Beautiful British Columbia.



  The warmth of the Hot Spa water causes blood vessels to expand allowing blood to flow freely deep into muscle tissue. The increased circulation of blood brings with it oxygen that rejuvenates tired muscles and creates a feeling of complete relaxation. Feeling relaxed will help rest your body and mind allowing for restful sleep.


  The buoyancy experienced while being immersed in the warm water reduces body weight by approximately 90%, this in turn reduces pressure on aching and sore joints offering welcome relief from arthritic pain.


  The massage benefits of a residential spa come from the flow of both water and air, streaming from the spa jets. This “energized” stream of water massages the body and stimulates the body to release endorphins, the body’s natural painkillers. In activating the release of endorphins the body has created a natural remedy to rejuvenate itself. Enjoy the same health benefits of a visit to a natural hot spring, right at home in your own backyard with the purchase of an H2O spa.