An above-ground pool kit is an excellent addition to any backyard, providing endless fun and relaxation for family and friends. Here are three compelling reasons to consider installing one and how to prepare for installation:

1. Cost-Effective Fun

Compared to inground pools, above-ground pool kits are far more affordable. They offer an economical way to enjoy the benefits of a pool without the hefty price tag associated with extensive underground construction. Installation costs are lower, and maintenance is often simpler, making it a budget-friendly option for families looking to enjoy summer fun without breaking the bank.

2. Easy and Quick Installation

One of the biggest advantages of above-ground pools is the ease and speed of installation. Unlike inground pools that can take weeks or even months to build, an above-ground pool can usually be set up in a few days. Many of the kits are designed for do-it-yourself installation, which means you can have your pool ready for swimming with minimal hassle and in no time at all.

3. Versatility and Portability

Above-ground pools offer a level of versatility that is hard to find with permanent structures. They can be installed in a variety of backyards, regardless of the size and shape. Additionally, if you move homes or decide to reconfigure your backyard layout, many above-ground pools can be disassembled and relocated with relative ease. This flexibility ensures that your investment remains beneficial, no matter how your living situation changes.

How to Prepare Your Back Yard Before Installing Your Above-Ground Pool Kit

Installing an above-ground pool in your backyard is an exciting project that promises endless summer fun. However, proper preparation of the installation site is crucial for ensuring the longevity and safety of your pool. Follow these steps to prepare your backyard before setting up your above-ground pool kit:

1. Choose the Right Location

First and foremost, select a flat and level area of your yard that receives plenty of sunlight. Avoid placing the pool under trees to prevent leaves and debris from falling into the water, and ensure the site is clear of underground utilities.

2. Measure and Mark the Area

Using your pool dimensions as a guide, measure and mark the area where the pool will be installed. Add an extra foot around the perimeter of the pool for stability and access.

3. Clear the Area

Remove any grass, rocks, sticks, and other debris from the marked area. Use a shovel to clear the space down to bare soil, ensuring all roots and plants are removed to prevent damage to the pool liner.

4. Level the Ground

Leveling is one of the most critical steps. Use a carpenter’s level and a long, straight board to check for evenness. If needed, remove soil from the higher areas and use it to fill in the lower spots. Compact the ground with a tamper to achieve a firm, level base.

5. Lay Down a Protective Barrier

Place a ground cloth or tarp over the cleared, leveled area. This layer will help protect your pool liner from punctures and extend the life of the pool. You can also consider adding a layer of sand for additional cushioning.

6. Install the Pool Frame and Liner

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully to set up the pool frame and liner. Ensure all components are securely fastened and that the liner is free of wrinkles before filling the pool with water.

7. Check for Levelness Again

Once the pool is partially filled, double-check that it is still level. Sections that are too high or too low can cause undue stress on the pool walls. Adjust as necessary to distribute the water evenly.

8. Fill the Pool and Finish Up

Continue filling the pool to the recommended water level. Set up the pump and filtration system according to the instructions and treat the water with the appropriate chemicals to ensure it’s safe for swimming.

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By taking the time to properly prepare your backyard, you can create a safe, enjoyable space for your above-ground pool that will provide endless enjoyment throughout the swimming season. For more information on above-ground pool kits and our swimming pool services, call Deckside Pool & Spa – Your Trusted Pool and Spa Supplier in Penticton. We are committed to providing you with the best products and services for your backyard oasis.

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