General Care

We hope that you find the guidelines in this section helpful as you care and maintain your pool or spa. Questions? Please give us a call!

Freshwater vs Saltwater Pools

Please note that these are guidelines for information only, and should not replace a personalized care plan for your pool or spa. Contact the experts at Deckside to set up a complimentary on-site evaluation.

  • Safely Store Your Chemicals and Equipment
  • Keep All Chemicals and Cleaning Equipment Out of Reach of Children
  • Use One Measuring Device Per Each Different Chemical Container
  • Make Sure Chemical Containers Are Sealed
  • Never Mix Chemicals
  • Always Add Chemicals into Water – Never Water into Chemicals
  • Do Not Store Chemicals in Sunlight
  • Follow Directions on Labels
  • Keep up with RegularMaintenance for a Stunning Pool and Spa!

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What is an O-ring and why should I check it regularly?

Your pool’s pump has a large O-ring between the filter head and the body. This should be checked – every time you clean the filter – for any cracks or tears – as it can wear out and water can leak from your filter. We can help you with the part and installation, or consult with you if you aren’t sure what to look for.

How do I winterize my hot tub?

If you plan to be away, you can turn off the power, drain the tub and refill it on your return. Refer to your hot tub manual for where to attach the hose for draining, and the steps for refilling and adjusting the chemical balance on. Startup.

Do I have to change my water if I switch from chlorine to bromine (or visa versa)?

Yes, there could be an interaction. A clean or preferably new filter is suggested as well.

My swimming pool is cloudy. How do I fix it?

Cloudy water in swimming pools is generally due to low sanitizer levels, though there are many other parameters that cause this. Bring in a water sample – it’s free!

My spa is full of foam. Why does this happen and how do I remove it?

This is generally caused by high dissolved solids, excessive high or low Ph levels, or low sanitization. We recommend coming into the store for a complimentary water sample analysis to determine the problem specific to your spa.

See our Troubleshooting Guide for Pools & Spas

Pool Maintenance

The following is a set of guidelines for recommended pool maintenance for operable times (maintenance while pools are closed for the colder seasons is not necessary if closing procedures have been followed).

Contact Deckside today at 250-492-8168 to set up a personalized maintenance plan for your pool.

Cleaning/Maintenance Timeline/How Often
Operate filtration system We usually recommend continuous filter cycles. If in doubt, please call and ask.
Backwash filter Weekly, as needed or per manufacturer’s instructions
Clean filter Weekly, or as needed
Clean pump hair/lint basket Weekly, or as needed
Clean skimmer baskets Weekly, or as needed
Vacuum the pool Weekly, or as needed
Skim debris from pool surface Daily, or as needed
Brush pool walls, steps and bottom Weekly
Clean the deck (sweep or hose away from the pool) Weekly, or as needed
Clean the water line Weekly, or as needed
Operate automatic pool cleaner Daily, as needed or per manufacturer’s instructions
Service automatic pool cleaner Per manufacturer’s instructions
Check bolts, screws & structural integrity on all rails, ladders, diving boards and slides Monthly
Service heater Per manufacturer’s instructions

Water Balance

Deckside provides complimentary in-store water testing. Bring in a sample and our experts will evaluate and provide options for bringing your water chemistry back in balance, if needed.


Purchasing a new H2O Spa? The experts at Deckside can walk you through the steps to install your hot tub, from location planning and preparation, to ensuring your electrical needs are met. These services come free with a spa purchased at Deckside, and are available for a fee if purchased elsewhere.

Contact our service department at 250-492-8168 or come into the store to set up your hassle-free installation services.

Trouble Shooting Guide

Cloudy WaterSuspended particlesClean filter, use clarifier, drain/change tub water
 Build-up of organic contaminantsOxidizer/shock tub or change water
 Total alkalinity too highDilute with water or lower alkalinity or use muriatic acid to lower
 Hardness too highDilution only
 pH too highUse pH reducer
 High TDSChange water or dilute
 Poor filtrationConsult service technician to discuss improving filter efficiency or changing sand
FoamingHigh concentration of oils and organic matterUse oxidizer
 Soft waterAdd calcium hardness increaser
Coloured Watermetal (copper or iron) in the waterUse metal binding agent
Scale FormationHigh calcium levelDilution
 pH too highAdjust pH to 7.4-7.8
 Alkalinity too highAdjust TA to 100-150 ppm
Poor FiltrationSkimmer basket cloggedRemove hair and other debris from skimmer basket on a regular basis
 Filter Cartridge cloggedRemove and clean
 Pump not operating properlyHave a service technician examine the system

Safety Tips

Consult a physician before use if you have high blood pressure or other cardiovascular conditions, or if you are pregnant

Water temperature should never exceed 40C (104 F)

Do not consume drugs or alcohol before or during use

Children should always be supervised while using the spa

Limit time in spa to 15 minutes at a time

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  • Totally Hayward® System (pumps) Certified
  • Lowry’s School of Pool & Spa – Maintenance Level 1 and Level 2
  • BC Recreation & Parks Association – Commercial Pool Operator Level 2
  • Completed Water Pump Installation Code Course
  • Attended Pentair Water Pool & Spa Training & Education Workshop