Are you ready for summer fun in the pool? Our friends at Deckside Pool & Spa in Penticton have some affordable options to bring new pizzazz to your inground pool.
  1. Move your pool up a notch by updating your landscaping. Install a rock-garden feature or new plants by your pool and give your yard a high-class resort feel. Think about installing a hot tub while you’re at it!
  2. Install a firepit feature for those memorable evening. You’ll enjoy story-telling around the mesmerising comfort of your backyard fire after a night swim.
  3. Improve the ambiance poolside for summer parties with new stereo speakers. Think about using artificial rock-formed speakers hidden in your flower beds or at the corner of a deck, to bring the music close in with high-quality surround sound.
  4. Add mystique to evening pool use with LED lighting. Coloured lights with remote-controlled operation add an extra level of beauty – and convenience!
  5. Add concrete features to your existing pool. Tiered steps, a sitting area, ledges, or a natural waterfall provide new pool options for inter-generational family use.
  6. Improve your pool’s value and your fitness at the same time. A lane-swimming current machine allows you to work out all summer using the remote hydraulic power unit and in-pool swimmer resistance.
  7. For a freshness that will have your friends asking to take a dip, convert to skin, hair, and suit-friendly saltwater. Enjoy the healing pleasure of a saltwater swim every day, while reducing your family’s exposure to harsh chemicals.

Plan Your Pool Parties Now!

We are ready to help bring out the best in your home’s pool area. If you need installation, maintenance, repairs, or ongoing chemical monitoring, call the pool and hot tub experts at Deckside Pool & Spa in Penticton today.