Summer Fun In An Above-Ground Pool

The Okanagan summers get hot, and there’s no better time than now to plan for the installation of your above ground pool kit. If you’ve been considering an above ground pool, we can help. There are plenty of pros for above ground pool kits in Penticton, including semipermanent installation. Although the installation of your pool requires a professional for leveling, insulating and wiring for pumps and sanitization, they are faster to install and less labour intensive. This means budget consciousness while setting up the back yard for safe, exhilarating pool fun. Affordability can mean the price of having a pool or not having one, and not only to you pay less for labour costs, but lower maintenance equals less cost. Above ground pools look gorgeous surrounded by slip-proof decks with seating and shade pergolas for the kids. If you have a small yard, above ground pool kits are the perfect fit, and you can remove your pool if you sell you home for relocation without excessive damage to the landscaping. Or – leave the pool as-is, with a surrounding deck for property valuation. You have many choices for solid structure materials, including hybrid combinations of steel and molded resin for a swimming pool that lasts.

Above Ground Pools Are Safe

Above ground pools are safer for social distancing, because it means you’re not in the public swimming pools and can control your family and friends bubble. While we all understand that supervision is key to pool safety, your choice in pool products means a shallow depth and there’s no currents to deal with. Because they’re above ground, it’s not easy for people to fall in, and they’re easy to get in and out of with circumference handles for support.


Easy to Maintain

Elevated swimming pools stay clean because they aren’t level with the ground where insects and debris can easily blow in. Lawnmowing isn’t a problem, and they are easy to cover because you can stand up while spreading the cover and securing the clamps. Everything’s accessible with an above ground pool, so it’s easy to check filters and do basic walk-around inspections of the structure.

Let’s Get Started

Call us for your consultation at (250) 492-8168 in Penticton to discuss options for above ground pool kit. Our staff holds several pool and spa industry certifications including training in water pump installations, and chlorination systems. We look forward to installing your new above ground swimming pool for months of summer fun!
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