Pooltime is an excellent way to make the most of your summer, especially for children and guests. Pools also a provide a bonding opportunity for family and friends. Plus, swimming is among the best forms of exercise out there. So, why should it matter whether you have a saltwater pool or chlorinated pool?

Introducing saltwater pools

You may be surprised to know that saltwater pools are only slightly salty! Secondly, they are not entirely chlorine-free. Salt is a vital ingredient for producing chlorine, and in saltwater pools, chlorine is naturally created.
Saltwater pools are cleaned through a salt-chlorine generating filtering system. This filtration system uses electricity for turning salt into chlorine. Chlorinated pools work differently. These pools rely on physically-added chlorine tablets or granules to keep your pool water crystal clean.

How do saltwater pools work?

Saltwater pool filtration systems contain a control unit and a salt unit. The former regulates the power supplied to the salt cell. Turn up the knob, and power gets generated that lasts for an extended period. Saltwater flows through the cell and electrolysis happens (converting the salt into chlorine).
Pool maintenance should involve checking the salt concentration. On average, a pool range should be between 3000-4000 ppm of salt concentrate.


The initial cost of saltwater pools exceeds chlorinated pools. The reason is that a saltwater chlorination system can cost anywhere between $1400 to $2500, plus installation costs. However, over time you will see cost savings as you need not buy chlorine tablets.


Saltwater pools are easier on maintenance. However, you will need to regularly assess the pH and alkalinity levels.
Advantages of Saltwater Pools
  • Lower levels of chlorine are easier on the skin, eyes, hair and bathing suits
  • The water in saltwater pools has a much softer feel
  • The natural process of chlorine formation helps save time and money on maintenance
  • You won’t have that chlorine smell.

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