Those with hot tubs tend to focus themselves on managing the water quality. But how often do you think of the plumbing aspect of your spa? Over time the lines bringing water into and out of your spa basin may get coated with residue. These can contaminate the water and even affect your enjoyment.

Don’t always blame your tubs

Many blame the tub for creating this situation. In reality, the source of these lines is biological. It is brought into the tub by users themselves. Here’s how! The soaps, lotions and oils that one uses on our bodies float into the water, then into the lines, and into the plumbing.

Doing right by the plumbing of your spa lines

Enjoying your spa all year round is so important. But don’t neglect this issue? And do this maintenance in the right way. If you haven’t yet, start by periodically adding line cleaner. Doing so will warrant that the water is of acceptable quality. Note that getting to the pipes is not an easy endeavour. So how should you do this?

Using hot tub line cleaners to clean up the insides of spa lines

Now, what are these line cleaners? What do they contain? These are essentially hot tub enzymes. What a hot tub enzyme treatment does is break down any organic particles that is then filtered out. It does so without gumming up the works. There are additional benefits of using enzymes. First up, they tackle the chemical smells caused by traditional spa sanitizers. Second, they break down irritants in the water, which then helps to reduce the chance of eye and skin issues. Yet another advantage is that the water feels smoother on your skin. It does so as it breaks down the minerals and prevents them from building up along the waterline.
There are several hot tub cleanup kits out there for you. We recommend the Spa Pipe Cleaner and Descaler kit by Sani Marc, which contains three products. All you do is sprinkle these three items on the surface of the spa water. What makes this kit a solid contender is that a single dose can treat up to 2000 litres of spa water. At the end of the runtime, all organic matter deposits are eliminated. Any calcium build-up in the pipes is dissolved.

Other Good Tips

First, schedule a regular cleanup of your spa by emptying and refilling your hot tub once every 60 to 90 days. Second, take a quick shower before entering the hot tub. Your bare skin collects a lot more than you think!

Walking the Talk

Talk to the experts about Deckside Pool & Spa. We are happy to do spa water testing and advise on the right chemicals. We also do new tub installations, repairs, sell supplies and schedule your maintenance visits. Call or write to us with your questions!