Reclaim Your Time and Enjoy Your Pool With Our Personalized Services

Do you love spending time in your pool or hot tub but feel like you’re always dealing with maintenance issues? Don’t let pool ownership take away from your relaxation time. Instead of spending hours troubleshooting, call the professionals at Deckside Pool & Spa in Penticton to discuss our custom pool and hot tub services. We want to make your pool ownership experience as problem-free and rewarding as possible—whatever you need, we can help.

Our Pool and Spa Services

At Deckside Pool & Spa, we provide a range of customized services that are designed to meet all your pool and hot tub needs. From weekly cleanings to routine maintenance tasks such as filter cleaning, chemical balancing, and leak detection, we offer it all. Our expert technicians will also assist with liner replacements or repairs and equipment upgrades.

Benefits of Regular Maintenance

Regularly scheduled maintenance appointments are essential for keeping your pool or hot tub running smoothly throughout the year. Regular cleanings help keep filters free of buildup that can clog your system while chemical balancing ensures that all levels remain in check and safe for use. Routine maintenance appointments also give our technicians an opportunity to identify any potential areas of concern before they become larger problems. This helps prevent costly repairs down the line while ensuring that your unit continues to run efficiently.
  • Get more time in your pool— less time troubleshooting.
  • Stop worrying about maintenance issues – leave it to the pros!
  • Enjoy worry free pool ownership with Deckside Pool & Spa.
  • Professional and hassle-free services for all your hot tub and pool needs.

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If you’re looking for someone you can trust for customized pool and hot tub care in Penticton, look no further than Deckside Pool & Spa. Our team is committed to helping you reclaim your time so that you can enjoy more quality moments with family and friends around the pool or spa without worrying about costly repairs or unsafe conditions due to lack of regular maintenance. Contact us today for more information about our services.
Visit Deckside Pool & Spa in Penticton to see our large inventory of spas and equipment, maintenance products and accessories. Bring your pool and spa questions to us. We have the answers.