If you’re the proud owner of a pool or hot tub, you know just how important it is to keep it in top condition. With regular maintenance, you’ll not only enjoy crystal clear water but also extend the life of your investment. If you’re looking for a professional pool and spa maintenance service in Penticton, look no further than Deckside Pool & Spa. Our customized maintenance services ensure that your pool and hot tub are always in optimal condition.

What is customized pool and hot tub maintenance?

Customized pool and hot tub maintenance is a personalized approach to maintaining your pool and spa based on your unique needs. It takes into consideration factors such as your pool or hot tub size, usage, and water chemistry. We offer a range of maintenance services that can be tailored to meet your specific requirements. Whether you need weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly visits, we can design a maintenance plan that works best for you.

Benefits Of Customized Pool and Hot Tub Maintenance

Regular maintenance not only ensures that your pool and hot tub are clean and sparkling but also can save you money in the long run. By identifying and fixing minor issues before they become major problems, you can avoid costly repairs down the line. With customized maintenance, you can also have peace of mind knowing that your pool and spa are always ready for use whenever you need it.

What does customized pool and hot tub maintenance include?

Deckside Pool & Spa offers a wide range of maintenance services that can be customized to meet your needs. Some of the services we provide include water testing, site planning for new installations, and equipment maintenance, such as inspecting and repairing pool pumps, heaters, and chlorinators.

Why choose Deckside Pool & Spa for your customized maintenance needs?

  • We are South Okanagan’s fastest growing pool and spa supplier and service team, located in the heart of Penticton.
  • We use only the highest-quality products and equipment to ensure that your pool and hot tub remain in pristine condition.
  • Our qualified team is ready to help you with all your swimming pool and hot tub needs from detailed knowledge of the latest products to fast and expert service for repairs and maintenance
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Give us a call and we will provide a custom quote to fit your budget. Even if you didn’t purchase your pool or spa or equipment from us, we can set it up for you, and service it too. Speak to any one of our friendly and helpful staff and we’ll set up an appointment to come onsite to help. 250-492-8168
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