When it comes to cleaning and maintaining your pool and spa, chlorine is often the first product you would choose. But chlorine is primarily a sanitiser. What most people don’t know is that pool and spa water may contain other contaminants that reduce chlorine and this hampers the sanitisation mission. To that end, enzymes are often what you need for complete cleansing.

What are enzymes?

Enzymes are proteins and a biological catalyst for chemical reactions. They serve as an impetus for starting or speeding up reactions between molecules. There are two types of enzymes: natural and synthetic. The former is created through fermentation, whereas the latter is manufactured. While the natural ones break down various organic materials, the latter is more specific.
They are not a form of sanitiser and do not affect living organisms. When used in a pool or spa, these enzymes specifically work on carbon-based organic waste such as body oils, sweat, lotions, cosmetics, hair products and deodorants, among others. And if you have pets that use your swimming pool, it even tackles pet dander.

Enzyme structure and abilities

Enzymes typically consist of long chains of amino acids that form a 3-dimensional structure. The structure is like a balled-up telephone cord. Their catalytic abilities are dependent on temperature, pH changes, water activity, ionic strength and other factors.

Enzymes work on contaminants

Often enzymes are designed in tandem with other components such as surfactants. Surfactants contain hydrophilic and hydrophobic elements. The hydrophobic parts are attracted to oils, and the hydrophilic portions have an affinity for water. These oil-loving chunks attach to oil buildup on your pool or spa water surface. The hydrophilic parts left the contaminants off the surface.
Typically, these contaminants accumulate along your wall surfaces at the waterline. Also, once enzymes are added to the water, the oils interact. The enzymes break the oils into smaller pieces and adhere to the surfactants.

Benefits of using enzymes

A strong point for enzymes is multitasking. They can handle several tasks in one treatment. Although they primarily help get rid of sweat, mucus, body oils and other organic waste, they can also restore clarity without any additional chemicals. Another benefit is that enzymes reduce the need of additional unscheduled sanitizer.
Reduce cleaning
Enzymes contribute to superior water clarity and help prevent scum lines, thereby reducing the amount of cleaning you might need to do. This can help reduce strain on your filter.
The most crucial aspect of pool-cleaning products is safety. Enzymes make the entire swimming pool ecosystem a safer place. That is, being safe for humans, animals and plants.
Popular Brands
Sanimarc offers high-end, eco-friendly speciality pool chemicals, including enzymes. An effective product to look at is the All Out Ultra 4 in 1. Another product we recommend is Pool Perfect+PhosFree by Natural Chemistry. These are enzyme products that helps tackle residues and waterline buildups. They will keep your pool and spa cleaner for longer.

Make your pools a healthy place!

Deckside Pool & Spa can help you with many pool and spa supplies, including enzyme products. We also are here to help you plan for a new pool or spa in 2022, with services that include installation, repairs and scheduled maintenance visits. Call us to enquire about the right enzyme products for you.