Using a pool cover overnight or during the off-season is essential. There are cost savings and pool maintenance advantages. With many years of experience, our team know how to care for your pool when you aren’t swimming!

Why is a Pool Cover Important?

Using a pool cover regularly has the following advantages:

  • Energy savings for your pool heating costs
  • Water conservation by reducing evaporation
  • Reduction in chemical requirements
  • Savings on cleaning labour through debris prevention

Do you want to know the numbers?

  • Lowering pool water evaporation could mean saving 50 – 70% on your heating costs
  • Water top-up requirements may be reduced by 30 – 50%
  • Chemical consumption may go down by 35 – 60%

Different Types of Pool Covers

Who knew there are pool covers for off-season (winter covers), solar covers (to promote heat transfer and further reduce energy costs), safety covers (netting that prevents accidental falls), and leaf net covers (to collect debris)?

Pool Cover Placement

Pool covers can be set into place in 3 ways:
  • Manual covers — pull it over the pool area and roll it back up when you’re using your pool
  • Semi-Automatic covers — electronic assistance to unroll or roll up the cover, using a reel on a cart; note this might require a bit of manual help to guide the placement
  • Automatic covers — permanently installed equipment on the pool deck activated by pushing a button, saving significant time daily

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If you are spending extra time pulling debris out of your family’s pool, or on chemicals or high water bills, think about saving time and money instead and install a pool cover. Our Deckside Pool & Spa staff is ready with options that will fit your pool and your budget. Call today for more information from the Okanagan experts at Deckside.
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