Summer’s here at last and the pool is ready to go! Let’s look at some unique ideas that will turn your pool party into a special summer memory.

Pick a Theme

Here are some fun ideas for a party theme that isn’t too much work to set up and allows your guests to engage with spontaneous energy:
  • Wine Tasting (or Wine & Cheese by the Pool)
  • Swimming by Moonlight (light the pool area with lanterns, candles, and string lights only)
  • Marco Polo Party (kids will love the theme and play for hours)
  • Life’s a Beach (put unique, beach-themed, oversized floats in the pool — pink flamingos and palm trees)

Keep it Simple

Add some eye-catching features poolside that set the tone as soon as your guests arrive:
  • Pillow seating at pool level
  • Set up a central table with a big bowl of punch and floating ice-fruit slices
  • Rent portable heaters or a natural gas firepit for an evening conversation circle
  • Blow up multi-coloured balloons and set them on the pool’s surface to create happy colour

Go the Extra Mile

If you really want your shindig to be the one everyone in the ‘hood remembers, try these ideas:
  • Set up a farmer’s market theme, with local honey for sale, herb bunches, wildflower bouquets on the tables, and a keg of local craft beer flowing
  • Please the kids (and the adults, too) with an ice cream sundae bar
  • Set the chilled drinks out in an inflatable kiddie-pool filled to the brim with ice

Invest in a Pool

Your friends at Penticton’s Deckside Pool and Spa will ensure your summer pool is ready when you are! Call us today to get your pool in top shape before the party begins. Sales, installations, and regular maintenance is what we do!