We searched wide and far for some great summer fun ideas to please your kids and your pool party guests! You’ll love these great ideas for hours of poolside enjoyment with some simple toys.
Let’s dive right in and inspire your summer imagination!
  • Floating Table and Waterproof Playing Cards – four seats in a circle for card game fun
  • Inflatable Volleyball Net – you won’t be able to pull the kids away from the pool for dinner…neighbourhood tourney anyone?!
  • Poolside Rock Climbing Wall – the water below is your safety net
  • Inflatable Teeter-Totter – with two seats in a curved “boat” shape for hours of sibling high-jinx
  • Drink Caddy – each swimmer can have their own drink float…always handy and won’t tip over
  • Spaceship Float with Built-in Water Gun – what could be better than a couple of these floating around?
  • Doggy Float – don’t forget that your pet wants in on the pool fun, too!
  • Basketball Ring – 360-degree hoops for endless inflatable pick-up games in the pool
  • Add a Slide – poolside inflatable slide (run the garden hose to the top of the slide for extra speed)
  • Multi-swimmer Raft – for lazing in the sunshine, or a specialty “rocker” style for wild waterpark fun
  • Floating House – provide a fun place for kids to create stories and adventures, with shade built-in
  • Water Jousting – complete with double-ended, inflated paddles for defeating your foe
  • Infant Float Bed – with a detachable sun canopy

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