Aside from making sure your spa and water are clean, keeping the water chemistry balanced is vital to your health and maintenance of your spa. You’ve invested time and money into setting up your new spa, and now with minimal effort, you can enjoy the benefits of your installation.

You don’t have to be a biochemist to maintain the balance of your water, but your spa will still require testing and chemical balancing. Maintaining a regular cleaning and testing routine is key to keeping germs and algae at bay.

Balancing your water depends on what you use as a sanitizer. Chlorine, salt or minerals? Always follow the directions on the label and read your spa manual maintenance instructions from the manufacturer. If you use chlorine, If you use chlorine, here’s a few general tips:

  • Open the cover and remove the filter lid.
  • Using the control panel, start the clean cycle.
  • Carefully measure the correct amount of chemicals as per your product manual and pour these into the filter.
  • Keep the lid off and wait at least 10 minutes to allow the chemicals to dissipate.
  • When cycle has completed, return the filter cover and close the lid and lock the straps.
  • It’s a good idea to check the temperature and pH levels of the water at this time.

Basic Hot Tub Guidelines

Informational guidelines for the basic care and maintenance of your hot tub or spa include safely storing chemicals and out of reach of children, using one measuring device for each chemical container, never mixing chemicals, always adding chemicals into water – never water into chemicals, and making sure your chemical containers are sealed after use. Following the personalized care plan for your spa is key to maintaining balance so your water is at maximum health standards for your unique group of users.

For more product information and the finer details about spa maintenance, we invite you to visit our dealer site, H2O Spas. They have the spa owner manuals under the customer care tab available for download.

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