What material do I use to build a spa deck?

Design your deck with a secure, solid foundation to carry the weight. Beyond this priority, choosing the right building material is one of the first steps for inspired design. Cedar is naturally resistant to decay, insects and rot and looks gorgeous in tones from yellow to red ochre. Pressure treated wood is another natural option with the pro of affordability. Hardwoods for pressure treated decking include spruce, pine and fir and can be stained in any colour to match the exterior of your house. The average material life of a pressure treated deck is about 15 years, and when it’s time to take the old deck out and replace it, the wood is recyclable. If you’re not interested in a wood deck, check out polymer and synthetic composite decking materials. The deck surface will be easy to clean, simply hose it off when needed, and you don’t have to worry about water stains or permeability where chemically treated water could break down the interior fiber.

Overhead Coverage and Location

Installing your new spa just outside the patio doors under a solid roof, will keep your pool clean from falling leaves and dust. Covering your hot tub after use is always a good idea, but overhead protection is the best solution for UV sun exposure as well as snow and hail that can quickly degrade the new look of your spa. Situating your hot tub conveniently close to the door and within a protected area encourages use, especially for children where parents can supervise them from a window view or for those with mobility issues. It’s also a prime location for wiring to run your pump system and outdoor lighting. You want to see the stars? We understand. Open decks and pergola designs are perfect for stargazing and still give some protection from the elements.
Great designs flow from interior to exterior as an extension to family living (and playing) space. Matching colour palettes and building materials combined with privacy, provides a personal space, adding to the destressing routine of hot tubbing.

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