This winter you may be starting to plan for a new inground pool for next summer! Beat the Okanagan heat with a backyard pool. It’s incredibly relaxing and rejuvenating. Here are some helpful tips on the different types of inground pools you might consider. After reading this, drop into our showroom and chat with us about your project – we would love to work with you!


Pools made using gunite are highly durable. You can construct gunite inground pools in any shape – they are versatile. Also you can choose from a range of finishes that go on top of the gunite to coordinate with your home colours, outdoor furniture, and gazebo. Plaster is a popular finish (also known as marcite or merbelite) that can provide a diamond sheen or pebble look to give your pool a unique, high-end look. Gunite is more expensive and labour-intensive to install than other construction materials (plan for several months before your swimming pool is functional) but it looks fabulous. Plan on resurfacing the concrete every 10 years.


Inground pools made using fiberglass come in any shape and size. These are preformed pools that are manufactured of interwoven glass threads bonded by resin. This produces a material that is robust and lightweight. We encourage adding you can a finish of a weather-resistant gel that also reduces algae buildup and helps to keep your pH level stable. Once delivered, a fiberglass inground pool can be installed in just about a few days. They do not need resurfacing or liner replacement. They can last up to 30 years.
However, there are a few drawbacks. Fiberglass pools can be a high-cost solution. They need a crane to be installed. Also, they are susceptible to cracking and fading. And if you do need a repair, the resulting finish may not match up exactly to the original colour.


Inground vinyl pools are an excellent option and very popular. Concrete is poured and the liner placed on top. Liners come in many colours and patterns. They are flexible and not susceptible to cracking and provide a very smooth surface. Choose a vinyl liner that blends in with your property design. If you want a change, you can replace the liner and augment the visual appeal of your backyard. The downside of vinyl pools is that the liner can get punctured, and so plan on replacing your liner every 6-10 years.

Dunk/Standalone Above-ground Pools

If space is an issue, consider an above-ground dunk pool. These are engineered using steel which makes them durable. Also, they can be installed quickly and come with ladders, underwater lighting, and platforms to add to the edges.

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