For Penticton residents, nothing marks the arrival of summer quite like the ceremonious uncovering of their backyard oases. However, as exciting as the dawn of a new swimming season is, it brings with it a host of maintenance concerns — concerns that can not only dampen your enjoyment but also threaten the longevity of your investment.

When it comes to preparing and maintaining a pool safe, sanitary, and aesthetically pleasing, the rule of thumb is clear: leave it to the professionals. In Penticton, where the start and end of the swimming season hinge upon the city’s unique climate and local regulations, Deckside Pool & Spa has become synonymous with expertise and quality service in the pool care industry.

Why Professional Pool Services Matter

Amidst the shopping lists for BBQ supplies and the anticipation of long, lazy afternoons by the pool, it’s easy to forget that a neglected pool can harbor more than happy memories. Algae blooms, pH imbalances, and equipment failures are not just technical jargon; they are potential stressors casuistically hidden beneath the azure of an unattended pool.

For the best start to your warm-weather ensemble, professional pool opening services afford the peace of mind and professional touch needed for a flawless re-launch of your season. When autumn begins to turn the leaves, a proper pool closing can mean the difference between a swift, worry-free winter and the haunting thought of unforeseen damage come springtime.

Deckside’s crew will perform a comprehensive inspection to assess any damage that may have occurred during the off-season. Be it leaks, equipment wear, or the need for a pool liner replacement, their experts will leave no stone — or tile — unturned. The team will methodically clean and remove all winter coverings and accessories. They will start the pool’s circulation system, ensuring that pumps, filters, and chemicals are in perfect working order to combat any residual winter debris and microbial populations. A critical step in the process is the testing of pool water for sanitizers, pH levels, and total alkalinity. Deckside’s technicians utilize the latest in pool technology to maintain the chemical balance of your water, guaranteeing crystal clear results.

Automatic swimming pool covering system

To arrange your professional pool service, contact Deckside Pool & Spa today. A rigorous process that lacks nothing in care, quality, and commitment awaits your pool. Welcome the season or bid it adieu with the peace of mind that your pool is in the hands of Penticton’s most trusted service provider.

Even if you didn’t purchase your pool or spa or equipment from us, we can set it up for you, and service it too. Speak to any one of our friendly and helpful staff and we’ll set up an appointment to come onsite to help. Visit our showroom in Penticton to see our large inventory of spas and equipment, maintenance products and accessories. Bring your pool and spa questions to us. We have the answers.