Do you dream of adding the sound of a fountain to your backyard? Let’s explore the best options for this appealing addition to your pool.
Floating Fountain –the fountain is positioned on top of your pool’s surface (often in the middle of the swimming area for maximum visibility). It’sintegrated with your pool’s water recirculation system.
Adjustable Nozzle Fountain – multi-directional nozzles emit a combination of water and air. Your pool can take on a theatrical beauty with a water projection display.
Waterfall Fountain – uses air to pressurize pool water that is circulated up through a waterfall feature. Add a rock formation with naturally cascading water for true aesthetic beauty.
Poolside Fountain – installed poolside, these features come in many different, attractive designs. Consider a simple stream projected into the main pool, or stones with water cascading back into the swimming area.
Integrated Lit Fountain – almost every variety of pool fountain can be augmented for ultra-beauty with lights. This provides dramatic beauty during evening and nighttime entertaining.
Adding an extra fountain feature to your pool area can improve the value of your home and doesn’t need to break the bank. Whether it’s for a classy look, the fun of cooling off under naturally falling water, or nighttime features to highlight your pool for evening entertainment, a pool fountain is a simple way to up your game and bring freshness to your home pool this summer.

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