The benefits of spa leisure are numerous including stress relief for a better sleep, soothing sore muscles and arthritic pain, improved circulation and boosted immune levels. How you maintain your pool water can also have a healthy effect on your skin, whether using balanced chemicals, or natural solutions like brine salt.
Hot tub water is usually heated up to a balmy 104 F as a standard maximum temperature, although settings are highly customizable. Kids under 5 shouldn’t be in hot tubs over 95 F and always consult a physician before using a hot tub while pregnant. When you get the temperature right, you’ll feel your muscles relax, especially under the massaging effects of the jets. Muscle relaxation under heated massage increases circulation and relieves joint and tendon pain to ease the stiffness and inflammation of arthritis. Studies have shown that better cardiovascular health is another benefit of using your spa on a regular basis, as hot water has a robust effect on vascular function. These studies suggest applied health benefits for persons with mobile difficulties and limited ability to exercise. To maximize your experience, avoid hot water over 104 F, stay hydrated with drinking water (not alcohol), and limit your time in the tub. At that temperature, soak times of 10 to 15 minutes should be max before cooling off and restarting the cycle. Of course, if you set your temperature to lower points, you can stay in longer without feeling ill affects like light headedness or nausea. Don’t go immediately from your hot spa to an icy shower, as this could spike your blood pressure, but we do recommend showering off after your session.
Before the invention of modern spas, people sought out natural hot springs as a place to relax and heal. History has shown that hydrotherapy has healing benefits dating back through ancient cultures. Egyptians bathed in heated water treated with herbs and fragrant flowers, and both the Greeks then Romans built community baths where patrons went to relax and talk through the intrigues of the day. We have some amazing natural hot springs right here in BC, in commercial as well as private settings. These hot springs are the inspiration behind the design of our residential line of H2O Spas.

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