An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. When planning the installation of your new hot tub, this bit of wisdom may save you from future headaches. Let’s ask the local hot tub experts at Deckside Pool in Penticton what to consider when planning a hot tub foundation.

Concrete is a Solid Choice

If your yard configuration allows for a poured concrete foundation, this is your best choice. Just like the foundation underneath your home, concrete handles the extra weight of a spa. A concrete pad under your hot tub will be long-lasting and easy to maintain. It can be planned at the same time as your new pool or patio. If you are considering concrete patio stones instead of poured concrete, make sure the blocks are in excellent condition and installed all at the same level on gravel. This can be a more economical option.

What About Using an Existing Deck?

If you already have a backyard deck, this can be an excellent choice as well. Check its current condition. Is it level? Is it in good repair? Are the proper supports in place? What is the quality of any wood touching the ground? The extra weight of a full hot tub may stress a deck that isn’t on a solid foundation. Give us a call to plan an onsite deck inspection and we can advise.

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Consider the Prefab Spa Pad

Check out the latest in this easy-to-install foundation! Spa pads are constructed of polyethylene (plastic) and are highly durable. A spa pad can be ordered to match your hot tub’s size and can work on grass, dirt, sand, gravel or crushed rock. This option provides peace-of-mind that your tub will be level and protected even when placed directly on the ground.

Talk to the Pros

Deckside Pool and Spa are here to help you plan a new hot tub installation this summer! For hours of enjoyment with friends and family, and a popular choice in the Okanagan all year long. Reach out to our friendly staff today to arrange a free onsite visit.