Installing a hot tub will increase your level of relaxation at home, while providing health-conscious activity for your family. Improvement in your live-work balance is easily accomplished through a home spa installation.
Whether you are hoping for therapeutic pain relief or to round out your home’s entertainment choices, contemporary designs featuring body-sculpted contours and many energy-efficient options.
Let’s look at the essentials:
  • How many jets do you need and what configuration do you prefer?
  • How many seats do you need?
  • What are the dimensions of your installation area?
  • Are the hot tub controls convenient and intuitive to use?
  • What warranty is offered by the manufacturer?
  • What is optimal pump power for the number of jets included?
Here are the common mistakes you’ll want to avoid:
  • Be sure you understand how many jets the hot tub model has (are there outlet-orifices or air ports, as well?)
  • Don’t over-focus on initial purchase price and neglect the ongoing expenses associated with each model/manufacturer.
  • Consider the positioning of each jet, plus its size, as this will affect your spa enjoyment during each use.
  • Don’t think that installing a spa is easily accomplished without expert help.
  • Don’t ignore the reality of DIY maintenance – protecting your spa users’ health requires ongoing attention to issues like chemical additions, proper draining procedures and effective filtration.

Winter’s Still Here! Enjoy a Hot Soak

A well-designed spa can add to your home’s value and provides years of comfort and relaxing healing. Talk to our expert team at Deckside for a free quote that will include delivery, and contacts to arrange the necessary electrical connections, and slab/deck preparation. It’s important to make sure you have a trusted and reputable supplier, like Penticton’s Deckside Pool & Spa, to help with proper installation and maintenance over the life of your hot tub.
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