Having a pool is often regarded as a great investment for your property. While you are relaxing, exercising and rejuvenating, you can be enjoying thinking about rising real estate values! There are several types of swimming pools that you might consider – Here we explore why precast concrete might be your first choice.

What is a precast concrete pool?

This is a swimming pool that is ‘cast’ using a mold built in a manufacturing plant. These are alternatively known as plunge pools as they are much smaller than traditional gunite pools. A precast concrete pool can be in-ground, above-ground or semi-ground. It can take the form of an infinity pool with vanishing edges. Also, this pool can be placed on a pre-poured concrete slab for extra stability and sturdiness. When installing a precast concrete pool, the most critical question may be delivery and permission for a crane to position the pool. For this reason, these are most popular when building a new home. In terms of time, this pool can be installed within weeks because the construction is taken care of at the manufacturing facility.

Distinctive features of a precast concrete pool

Depth and size

Plunge pools are smaller than regular pools. Usually, they measure 1.5m deep and anywhere between 2.5m to 12m in length.


Consult the team at Deckside Pools to select a concrete plunge pools that has been constructed using the best possible materials. Concrete reinforced with high-tensile steel provides durability.


Quicker, quieter installation – Building a gunite pool requires pouring concrete and the process will take longer, and be noisier. With plunge pools, these concerns are resolved.
Less expensive – Plunge pools tend to be smaller due to shipping and installation limitations. This, when combined with lower labour costs, can save you money.

Are there disadvantages?

Higher maintenance – The concrete surface may require more maintenance and be harder to clean than gunite. We can advise you on this and potentially any resurfacing cost over the life of your pool.
Prone to cracks – Cracks might appear over time.

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