Summer fun in Penticton is at its height. Your pool and spa are in their glory. But are you using them to your best advantage to burn those calories from summertime BBQing? At Deckside Pool we’ve got some great exercise ideas for keeping fit using your pool or hot tub.

Healthy Living Includes a Home Pool and Spa

If you spend the afternoon golfing at Skaha Meadows, hiking Munson Mountain, or enjoying the bumper boats at Loco Landing with the grandbabies, you want to keep your muscles ready. Your pool and hot tub have built-in ideal workouts for your arms, core, thighs and glutes. Here are some options:

Water-based Exercise at Home

#1 Water Yoga — Take advantage of natural buoyancy in your hot tub or pool to hold poses for longer. You can even try this in your hot tub! #2 Pilates — Adapt your land-based pilates movements to enjoy in the water. Incorporate breathing techniques and combine with yoga poses. #3 Aerobics — Pick up the pace and add some music. You don’t need to go to the public pool to enjoy a stimulating “class” of water aerobics. It’s low-impact exercise in comfort and privacy. #4 Running — If you have knee or other joint trouble, try running in the water. The additional resistance makes a little exercise go further. Running also works well in a cross-training regime. #5 Lap Swimming — Laps are the quintessential pool health boost. Cardiovascular intensive, you’ll develop a toned body using the strokes of your choice. For additional muscle mass, add leg or arm weights that strap on, to your routine.
sporty man is doing exercise in water while bathing

Is it Time For A Pool?

There’s no better time to consider putting in a pool or hot tub! Or – if you are already enjoying the pool and adding in exercise – can you feel your muscle tone improving? Browse our product line here. Call our office today to find out how to increase your family’s health and fitness with a new pool or spa. At Deckside Pool and Spa, locally owned and operated, we’re here for our community!