It’s a blissful Okanagan summer. Friends at the house, wine in the ice bucket, relaxation as the evening cools. The kids are splashing in the pool while the adults enjoy the hot tub. This is exactly why you installed your H2O backyard spa!

Thinking Ahead

What’s your plan for keeping the kids busy all summer? Likely, you thought ahead and booked early. Did you check out the Okanagan School of the Arts’ Creativity Camps in Penticton for ages 6 – 12? It’s everything kids need for paint, clay, and visual arts fun!
Have you stocked up your backyard, too? When the gang hits the backyard after a day of summer activities, will you have what you need? Here’s what our team think you should consider for summer 2022 backyard fun:

Top Spa Accessories

  1. Mood Lighting — string lights, below-surface, lit stairs… all beauty-enhancing options
  2. Music — look for wireless speakers that float with touch button operations
  3. Aromatherapy — specially designed spa scents that won’t affect your pH levels
  4. Storage Cabinet — hide away the stuff you aren’t using and have a lockbox for safe chemical storage
  5. Hot Tub Insulation — add energy efficiency insulation to keep the spa running
  6. Steps & Lockable Lid — keep everyone welcome and safe, regardless of age and mobility
  7. Cushions — for comfort in the spa and deckside for those who want to just dangle their legs
  8. Rubber Ducks! – of course, wouldn’t be a spa without them

Hot Tub Upgrade or Installation This Summer

Hot tubs are surprisingly affordable! Read more on our Deckside Pool and Spa website today to find out how your family can relax this summer and for years to come. Stop by our showroom on Main Street in Penticton today or call us for an estimate. We also service all makes of hot tubs and sell spa chemicals too.
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