With the holidays around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about stocking stuffers! If you have a friend who owns a hot tub, why not get them something special this holiday season? Here are some ideas that will make your friend’s hot tub experience (and hopefully yours) even more enjoyable.
  1. Natural Bath Salts – A great way to relax and melt away stress is with a soak in a hot tub with natural ingredients like sea salt, Epsom salt and essential oils, in a variety of scents to choose from. Make sure the package says they are safe for hot tub equipment.
  2. Hot Tub Treatments – Pick up hot tub treatment solutions like chlorine or bromine strips and floaters, hot tub covers or hot tub care kits (we’ve got this covered!). And make sure your friends are cozy and comfortable with towels designed for hot tubs and insulated cups for their favorite hot drinks! A few fun extras like small floating bath toys or pool noodles can complete their hot tub experience this Christmas, plus it’s entirely likely they’ll invite you over for one of their hot tub parties!
  3. Hot Tub Accessories – Another great stocking stuffer idea for hot tub owners is hot tub accessories! There are lots of fun items available through local stores from floating drink holders to spa pillows and headrests.
If you know someone who loves soaking in their hot tub during the winter months, then these stocking stuffers will certainly be appreciated! Getting creative with gifts can add a personal touch that will make your friends feel loved and appreciated this holiday season.
Happy Christmas santa couple in jacuzzi

Happy Holidays!

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