The summer is the perfect time to spend with family and loved ones. One of the best ways to do this is to jump into your very own backyard hot tub. Looking at how hot it is in the Okanagan, you might be wondering if summer is really the best time to expose yourself to this additional heat! Should you be spending your time in the hot tub at all? Or should you save that wonderful experience for the winter?
We think you can enjoy your hot tub whenever you like, no matter the season.

Find the best time to use your hot tub

If you jump into the hot tub at the right time, you will barely feel like it is summer. There are two ideal times to enjoy a hot tub in the Okanagan – The first is early morning. The other time is early evening – after 8 pm. Due to our semi-desert climate, the day’s heat quickly dissipates and we have lovely cool evenings – perfect to gather in the tub.

Find the right temperature

One great thing about hot tubs is how easily you can change the temperature. To make the most of your summer-time hot tub experience, you should ideally turn it down a few degrees lower than your winter setting – 99F is ideal for providing the therapeutic healing of heat while you socialize.

You can switch it up

If you want to use your hot tub during the daytime, you can switch it up by alternating a max of 10 minutes’ soak before you head indoors for a cool shower or a cool drink to take your body temperature down.
BONUS: Save money in your hot tub with this one secret tip
This is a secret not a lot of people know. You can alter the mode on the control panel of your hot tub. The best mode for the summer is the economy mode. it runs the pump less often and helps with your electricity bill.

Allow us to make your hot tub summer experience more fun

Deckside Pool & Spa is the exclusive dealer for H2O Spas. We provide you with excellent advice on which model and we are available to service your tub whenever you need it. We want to be the #1 source for all your pool and spa needs, no matter the season. With a dedicated and professional team,, we look forward to helping you enjoy your hot tub this summer. We’re open Monday to Friday between 8 am to 5 pm, and on Saturdays between 8am – 3 pm.