Adding fragrances to your spa intensifies your experience with the added benefits of aromatherapy but it’s important to choose hot tub friendly products. Coloured oils could leave stains on the side of your spa and time released capsules popular for use in bath tubs, can leave small pieces that clog filtration systems. Also, avoid cream-based products for the same reason, and bath salts not designed for use in hot tubs.
Safe water-based spa fragrances come in liquid and crystal form. They are easy to use by adding the recommended amount straight into your spa. Some fragrances evaporate within a day, so no residue is left on the side of your tub. You can also add an aroma infusion system that injects fragrances directly into the water with the push of a button.

Generally, these common essential oils are known for:

  • Rose – mood improvement and anti-anxiety
  • Peppermint – energy booster
  • Lavender – stress reliever
  • Sandalwood – focus
  • Chamomile – relaxation
  • Tea Tree – immune booster
  • Jasmine – alleviates depression
Our water-based spa fragrances are completely water soluble and harmless to pools, hot tubs and spas, safe for all filters and equipment and will not change the water colour or chemistry. Normally, your filtration system will remove the scent within 24 hours, but please remember to clean and replace your filters as per the instructions in your manual.
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