You may have both a hot tub and a pool. Today we’ll explore several heating systems available.

Integrated Hot tubs and heating

In some landscape designs, the hot tub is right next to the pool. They typically have their own heating systems (the hot tub plumbing and valves are on the outer edge of the acrylic tub). Pool specialists come to the rescue by inspecting your pool system before installing heaters. They will advise on automated electronic controls that open and close specific valves to manage your spa.

Heat Pumps for your Pool

Heat pumps pull up the temperature from the air and use it to heat the pool water. Why consider this? You can keep the pool open for a longer season.. right through the fall or even winter, and save on high electric bills. Some are above ground pumps but geothermal heat pumps can also be considered (they work by taking heat from underground and using it in your pool system).

Solar Heating & Panels

Solar heaters operate by distributing heat to your pool by using the sun’s energy. Solar heating panels are placed where the sunlight intensity is maximum, for instance you’re your house rooftop. They can generate heat at about 1000 BTUs per square foot per day.
These panels are efficient, but they are expensive to install. They can also be used to heat the rest of your house.

We know heaters!

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