Yes, you read that right! Now that Okanagan is full-on into summer, one would want to make the most of summertime madness in your pool. But do you really need to spend on a solar blanket?

What are solar blankets?

Solar blankets have a similar makeup to bubble wrap – Smooth on one side and tiny pockets of air on the other. They actually float on the surface of your pool. They protect your pool water from sun’s exposure, reducing evaporation and chemical changes. When things cool down at night, solar blankets work on solar radiation (as the name suggests). Overnight, they keep your pool at your chosen temperature, saving money running your heater.

During the spring and fall, a solar blanket traps heat in the pool, extending the number of days you can enjoy pool activities. To keep the blanket from ripping, our customers often purchase a solar roller which sits on the pool deck at one end, and makes the removal or re-spreading of the blanket a breeze for one person!


Benefits of solar blankets

Solar blankets are an invaluable pool resource with many benefits. Some of these are:


Not only do solar blankets reduce evaporation, but they also help conserve energy and chemical consumption. More so, they make for excellent shields against leaves and debris. Doing so helps save considerable time and effort in your pool cleaning and maintenance bills. In addition, solar blankets are eco-friendly and help conserve electricity bills.

They work well even in Saltwater Pools

A popular myth among pool owners is that adding salt can damage a solar blanket. However, this is not the case. If the salinity is kept at a reasonable level, your solar blanket will continue to offer the benefits listed above.

Keep Your Pool Balanced

Balancing the pool chemicals is a primary concern for pool owners. Typically you want to maintain a reasonable chlorine concentration. As well, the alkalinity, the salt level, TDS, pH, cyanuric acid and others should be checked daily in the summer. Look for a solar blanket to help you maintain consistent levels. One having a 500 micron thickness will last you anywhere between 6 to 8 years – and one with 600 microns may last up to 10 to 12 years.

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