What is ozone and should I use it in my hot tub?

A naturally produced gas, ozone is a powerful oxidizer of water contaminants, improving water quality and helping chemical sanitizers work more efficiently. Mixed into spa water, ozone cuts scale, scum and biofilm.
As a natural purification, ozone prolongs equipment life, reduces the need for high chemical doses, oxidizes contaminants and has less odor and chloramines. These are the benefits beyond ozone destroying bacteria, viruses, algae and yeasts. Ozone oxidizes many common body care products such as soap, deodorant, hair spray and body lotions, to enhance the performance of chlorine or other sanitizer systems. Less chlorine is then needed to maintain water quality. Ozone oxidizes contaminants that tend to clump together for easier removal by the filter. Another benefit of ozone is the prevention of calcium in spa water from chelating, to preserve equipment life and make your water soft and smoother feeling to the skin.

Ozone benefits:

  • Less Odor and Chloramines
  • Cuts Scale, Scum and Biofilm
  • Prolongs Equipment Life
  • Reduces High Chemical Doses
  • Destroys Bacteria and Viruses
  • Destroys Algae and Yeasts
  • Ph Neutral
Ozone does not replace your current sanitizer, but works in your system to be effective. It’s pH neutral so will not affect the pH levels of your spa water. Ask us about the ozone natural oxidizer system as an automated maintenance feature in our premium line of spas. These spas have all our most popular options included to provide the ultimate spa experience.
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