Q: To beat the summer heat, can I turn my hot tub cold?
A: Yes, you can turn your spa into a refreshing escape to beat summer heat. Your hot tub can be used to refresh and rejuvenate during the hot summer months by cooling the water down. Change the temperatures to enjoy cool, refreshing water, or just use it at night to rejuvenate after a long day on one of the South Okanagan’s many beaches. To get refreshed on a hot summer day, there’s nothing better than taking a dip in a cool water. But did you know that you can easily turn your hot tub into a cold tub? Most modern spas and hot tubs feature electronic consoles with multiple water temperature settings. So, all you need to do is fill up your tub with cool water and enjoy. Whether you’re looking to beat the heat or just want to relax in a cold tub, this is a great option. So next time it’s hot out, make your hot tub into a cold one and enjoy the refreshing benefits.

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You’ll be able to enjoy refreshing and cool water even if your spa doesn’t have any cooling functions. In this case, simply turning off the heater should work wonders! There are only a few extra tips to keep the water as fresh as possible. When not in use, cover your tub to shelter the water from warming sun rays. By following these simple tips, you can enjoy cool and refreshing spa water all summer long. Did you know? You can also keep your jets on when you fill up the tub with cold water. This way, the water will spread out evenly, affecting the temperature of the whole pool and keeping it fresher. No doubt, you’ve cleaned your spa filters to circulate the water more efficiently. Stick to the same water chemical schedule as you do in other seasons but if more people are using your tub than normal, it’s a good idea to test your water more often. Another perk of lowering your water temperature in the summer is that you will save money on your energy bill.
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