Does your facility run a pool for visitors? Are you a facilities’ manager responsible for commercial pool maintenance? Is your condo or gated community council up-to-date on pool maintenance requirements?
If your property has a pool, you have an essential role in ensuring public health and safety. Your business or organization has invested heavily in providing an attraction or community resource through your pool and its amenities. There are significant responsibilities with commercial pool operations and maintenance.

Risks of Commercial Pool Negligence

Before we review the maintenance components to consider, let’s look at the consequences of negligence. A public pool carries the potential of physical danger through unchecked bacterial matter, physical injury dangers and chemical exposure. If pool maintenance is neglected, your insurer may void your facility’s liability insurance and expose the property’s owner to significant risk.

Pump & Filter Maintenance for Your Commercial Pool

It is essential to have a strict schedule for proper commercial pool maintenance in place. Routine checks of the water circulation and filtration systems need to be completed by qualified personnel. The procedures undertaken during routine inspections could include:
  • Cleaning of strainer in pump system
  • Verification of gasket, seal, gauges, valves in pump and filtration equipment
  • Flowmeter assessment
  • Inspection of filter cartridges

Pool Maintenance Chemicals and Cleaning

Your pool’s traffic and seasonal-use fluctuations may affect your regular pool maintenance schedule, including procedures such as pH measurement frequency. Equipment used for daily maintenance of chemical balance, water quality, debris removal and scrubbing of surfaces needs to be inspected on a regular basis.

Leave The Maintenance To Us

If your commercial pool maintenance has fallen behind, or if you are concerned that you may not be fulfilling your public health and safety requirements, reach out to us immediately. We’ll add you to our schedule and answer any questions you might have. Give us a call!
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