Picture this – you’re about to leave for a well-deserved vacation. The bags are packed, the house is all set, and you’re almost out the door. Then it hits you – did you remember to take care of the hot tub? For owners of these luxurious relaxation stations, the question of whether to drain the tub or not can spark a heated debate. But when it comes to ensuring the longevity and health of your investment, the answer can be crucial.

For hot tub aficionados who are also jet setters, it’s vital to consider the state of your spa before trotting off around the globe. In this detailed guide, we’ll walk through the factors at play, weighing the benefits and risks of both leaving the tub filled or draining it out. Hot tub owners, this one’s for you – a complete breakdown of hitting that vacation mode while keeping your hot tub in top-notch condition.

The Vacation Dilemma

Leaving for vacation is a time of excitement, preparation, and often last-minute checks around the house. Hot tub owners are presented with an additional task – figuring out what to do with that 2,000-litre water container sitting in their backyard paradise.

The Benefits of a Full Hot Tub

You might think that leaving the hot tub full is the safe choice. After all, it means less maintenance upon your return, and it hints at an enticing welcome-back soak. But is it really the most prudent decision?

The Risks You Take by Leaving it Filled

On the flip side, an unattended hot tub can spell trouble. From an inadvertent octane of bacteria partying in tepid water to potential wear and tear on the components, the implications of neglect can be significant. But fear not – this post will arm you with the information needed to make an informed decision and actionable tips to minimize any possible risk.

Benefits of Draining Your Hot Tub Before Vacation

It might seem like a hassle, but draining your hot tub before departure carries various benefits that are worth considering.

Prevent Water Contamination

Leaving water stagnant for prolonged periods can lead to unsightly and potentially hazardous occurrences. Algal growth and biofilm buildup can turn your peaceful oasis into a murky soup, not to mention the increased risk of bacterial proliferation.

Equipment Durability

Hardware like the heater and pumps are designed to operate within a specific range of water quality and chemistry. When the water is left untreated or unattended, components can be subject to unnecessary stress, which could result in malfunction or failure.

Fresh Start Upon Return

Returning from your vacation to a drained and refilled hot tub is akin to having a brand-new spa. It also sets you up to establish a fresh balance in water quality, which is vital for the well-being of both your tub and those using it.

Risks of Not Draining Your Hot Tub Before Vacation

Conversely, not draining your hot tub can have unwanted repercussions.

Bacterial Breeding Ground

A hot tub is generally a warm and inviting environment – for bacteria, that is. The tepid waters left alone for days or weeks can quickly become a breeding ground for microbes, leading to a host of hygiene concerns.

Chemical Balance

Maintaining the proper chemical balance in your hot tub is critical for sanitization and bather comfort. If left unregulated, the water can become corrosive, leading to a laundry list of equipment-damaging side effects.

Component Consequences

The water’s chemical balance directly affects the hot tub’s components. Unchecked pH levels, for instance, can shorten the life of your hot tub’s metal piping and even lead to erosion on the heating elements.

Tips for Hot Tub Maintenance Before Vacation

Large long balcony home exterior with hot tub

Planning on draining or not, here’s a checklist to ensure your hot tub doesn’t cause you any headaches in your absence:

1. Adjust Chemical Levels: Balance the pH and alkalinity, shock the water, and add sanitizer to ensure the chemical levels are favorable before you go.

2. Secure the Cover: Make sure the cover is properly fitted and locked in place to prevent entry and limit evaporation.

3. Set the Temperature: Lower the temperature to a level that prevents excessive heating but still keeps it above room temperature to avoid freezing in colder environments.

Before you lock the door and head off for your holiday, pause to consider the state of your hot tub. It’s a choice each owner must weigh carefully, taking into account the duration of your absence and the local climate.

Maintaining a hot tub isn’t just about its health; it’s an integral part of ensuring the enjoyment and comfort it provides to you and your guests. The decision to drain or maintain your hot tub before vacation can seem like a small one, but it reflects your commitment to the upkeep of a significant investment.

In the end, the rule of thumb is to treat the decision as seriously as you would any part of your pre-departure checklist. A little time and effort beforehand can save you a lot of trouble down the line. Happy vacationing, hot tub enthusiasts – and always remember to relax responsibly!

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