Pool maintenance getting you down? When you just want to be able to kick off your shoes and sit back by the pool, it might seem that list of pool tasks is looming over you. At Deckside Pools, we are happy to look after your pool every week – checking the chemical balance, cleaning out the filters, and fine tuning the equipment. We offer very affordable packages for this service.
If that’s just not possible, there are automated pool maintenance systems you might want us to price out for you. Let’s take a look at how this might work!
  • Pool monitoring systems can automatically test water pH levels and add chemicals
  • An automatic mineral dispenser can be added to purify water with low-chlorine alternatives
  • Units only need to be refilled once a month (it’s critical to install a system sized for your pool)
  • Systems can feature remote lights/ temperature controls
  • Robotic cleaning can be an add-on
  • As a simple solution, an auto-leveler attachment on a hose at the side of the pool can provide water-level top ups as needed
  • To save you testing, some systems come with Bluetooth for smartphone control and reporting
Every pool is different and there are quite a few automation features you can add that will fit your budget. From state-of-the-art hands-off controls that do it all for you — to relatively simple additions that take away key worry points. You can have greater peace of mind and more relaxation this summer!

Weekly Maintenance Can be Care-Free

Contact Deckside Pool & Spa for more information on all the options available. Compare and contrast the cost of a weekly Deckside technician coming by, versus a full system. At any time, please take advantage of our free drop-in pool water analysis. Stop by and say hi to our friendly and knowledgeable staff.
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