Even though you take good care of your inground pool, eventually you’ll need to replace your liner. Most liners last 15 years or so, depending on the quality of your product. Water naturally evaporates from your pool, but if you’re losing water too quickly, there may be a tear in the liner or it could be worn down from all those pool parties you’ve had in the past. As you’re filling up your pool with fresh water, you may want to see that gorgeous blue colour, but has the liner faded? Inground pools are beautiful additions to back yards, and just watching the water and light move across the surface can be as destressing and enjoyable as watching a campfire. You may want to refresh the look of your pool with a new liner installation by our team, or swap the style all together for something new and trending.
If it’s time for you to replace your swimming pool liner, call us to discuss your options or come into our C-19 safe storefront in Penticton. We can show you several product options in new styles that don’t fade from UV or chemicals and are mould resistant. Vinyl liners for inground pools are a popular choice offering practical features for the Okanagan’s climate, and are manufactured with long lasting material. Fiberglass liners for inground pools cost more to purchase initially, but they are less expensive in long term maintenance and chemical costs, and need the least amount of basic maintenance. If you want the best pool liner available on the market today, we can install a fiberglass shell that is impervious to normal wear and tear so you won’t need major repairs anytime soon. Fiberglass pool liners are quick to install and add luxurious aesthetics to your pool area. We offer outstanding warranties on all our products, and will remove your old liner and install the new one for a perfect fit.

Now all that’s left to do, is have some water fun!



Call us for your consultation at (250) 492-8168 in Penticton to discuss options for resurfacing your pool, or installing a new one. We continue to stay open following current COVID-19 protocols to keep our customers and staff safe. Our staff holds several pool and spa industry certifications including training in water pump installations, Hayward salt water chlorination systems, commercial pool operation and Pentair water, pool and spa training.

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