If you own a hot tub, you’re probably looking forward to jumping in more during the colder months. Rejuvenating and relaxing in that hot tub after an exciting day on the slopes, or on a starry evening, is an excellent escape. The hot tub relaxes sore muscles, provides hydrotherapy massage, and it’s a crowd-pleaser when you are hosting family and friends.
If you are to make the most of your spa this winter, you need to take proper care of the water and the filter.

Change the water early

Don’t wait! While the days are still quite warm in the Okanagan, plan a water change. For easy convenience, do so before the winter comes knocking and your hose bib is frozen. Cleaning and then maintaining your spa water should be done regularly. Don’t wait ‘til we start to see sub-zero conditions! At the same time, replace your filter.. this should probably be done every month but now may be the time.
If you are travelling, you can set your spa at a lower temperature in advance of the cold.

Check your hot tub cover

If you have a hot tub, you might be interested to know how the covers are made. They start with dense polystyrene which is then wrapped in polythene and put inside a vinyl cover. After 4 to 5 years, the polythene becomes porous, and the steam from your hot tub can get inside the cover. It becomes heavy to lift. The corrosive chlorine and ozone that helps kill bacteria in the spa water also may gradually affect the cover. Before the busy winter months, speak to the team at Deckside Pool and Spa about a replacement.

Monitor the water level in the tub

At the outset, this might seem a no-brainer. But if the water level is kept too low in cold weather, then the components inside the hot tub might freeze. Keep the water level up to the highest jet.
Outdoor Hot tub on a cabin deck in the winter

Call Deckside for a Pre-Winter Check-up

Deckside Pool & Spa is happy to drop by and replace your spa water and filter, and check your pump is working properly. pool and spa equipment to Okanagan residents. Planning for Spring 2022? We’re happy to quote on a new tub installation, repairs and supplies. We can also schedule regular maintenance visits if you are going out of town. Call or write to us about any issues regarding your spa!